Zona Zamfirova

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Zona Zamfirova
Zona Zamfirova DVD-Cover.jpg
Directed byZdravko Šotra
Written byStevan Sremac (novel)
Zdravko Šotra (adaptation)
StarringVojin Ćetković
Katarina Radivojević
Dragan Nikolić
Milena Dravić
Radmila Živković
Music byBilja Krstić
Release date
Running time
104 min
CountryFR Yugoslavia
LanguageSerbian (Torlakian dialect)

Zona Zamfirova (Serbian Cyrillic: Зона Замфирова) is a 2002 comedy-drama film directed by Zdravko Šotra. It is based on the 1906 book by Serbian author Stevan Sremac. The film contains the local Torlakian vernacular (dialect) of the Serbian language of Niš instead of standard Serbian.

The film is the most watched Serbian movie ever, having been seen by a total of 1.2 million people in theater release in Serbia, and 1.6 million when Montenegro and Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina are counted (the only other territories where it had a general theater release).


Zona Zamfirova is set in the southern Serbian city of Niš in the 19th century. The plot follows the story of Zona Zamfirova (Katarina Radivojević), a local rich man's daughter, and the vicissitudes of her affair with Mane (Vojin Ćetković), an ordinary goldsmith. As it was undesirable for the daughter of a rich man to marry a craftsman, the two are at first divided, with the possibility of Zona marrying Manulać, who came from a wealthy family. Everything is, however, changed as Mane organizes a successful conspiracy to keep Zona for himself.



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