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Origin Borås, Sweden
Genres Power metal
Years active 1998–2003
Labels Century Media
Past members Johan Elving
Daniel Dalhqvist
Henrik Carlsson

Zonata was a power metal band originating from Borås, Sweden. They formed in 1998 and recorded 3 albums with label Century Media before calling a split up in 2003. Their lyrics draw heavily on mythology and life struggles. The band never made it big due to receiving very little recognition. They are known by most for their heavy drums and cutting guitar riffs.[1]


Final lineup[edit]

  • Johannes Nyberg - Vocals & keyboards
  • John Nyberg - Guitar
  • Niclas Karlsson - Guitar
  • Mattias Asplund - Bass
  • Mikael Hornqvist - Drums


On April 28, of 2003, the band manager Jonas Hagström reported to the media that the band had "decided to call it quits". According to the band members, they wanted to focus more on their personal lives. "Maybe in the future we will see to one more new album." their singer/vocalist Johannes Nyberg told. This album would finally come in 2007 as Exceptions.


  • Copenhagen Tapes (1998 Demo)
  • Tunes of Steel (1999)
  • Reality (2001)
  • Buried Alive (2002)
  • Exceptions (2007 - Compilation)


  • Zonata is frequently confused with the band Sonata Arctica, due to similar band naming, and quite similar styles. Online, Zonata songs such as Thor are often wrongly labelled as songs by Sonata Arctica due to this reason.[2]

This may be one of the many reasons power metal fans, especially avid fans of Sonata Arctica, tend to stumble upon songs by Zonata.

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