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Initial release September 25, 2002; 15 years ago (2002-09-25)[1]
Stable release
1.30.4 / May 9, 2017; 6 months ago (2017-05-09)
Written in C++, Perl and PHP
Operating system Linux, FreeBSD
Available in Multilingual
Type Surveillance
License GPL

ZoneMinder is a free, open source closed-circuit television software application developed for Linux and FreeBSD. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

ZoneMinder is controlled via web based interface and also provides LiveCD. Application can use standard cameras (via a capture card, USB, Firewire etc.) or IP based camera devices.[2] The software allows three modes of operation: monitoring (without record), recording after detected movement and permanent recording.[3] Supported are multiple cameras, which can be watched at once. Recording starts when the application detects changes between camera frames, it is possible to select zones within field of view that will be ignored.[4] Because of limited hardware driver support on Linux, only selected camera models are guaranteed to work with ZoneMinder. Provided are presets for several cameras for easier configuration. However, relative difficulty of configuration is - along with limited support for other languages than English - counted among ZoneMinder´s weak points.[3] This is underlined by lack of straightforward documentation.[5] It was revealed in 2008 that ZoneMinder contained security loopholes allowing unauthorized remote control of cameras. Basic authentication (eg. .htaccess on Apache) should circumvent such issue.[6]

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