Zone Coopérative de l'Université Laval

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Zone Coopérative de l'Université Laval
Industry Retail
Founded 1987
Headquarters Quebec City
Revenue 28,357,554 CAD (2007-2008)
Number of employees
137 full time and 286 part time

Coopérative de l'Université Laval (often designated by its commercial diminutive "Zone") is a cooperative involved in the sale of products for the community of Université Laval.

With a turnover of 28 million Canadian dollars and 53 878 members, it is the largest university cooperative in Quebec.[1]

The cooperative has been recognized as number one Canadian university library by the Globe and Mail in 2007.[1]


The cooperative was founded in 1987 under the name "Procure coopérative de matériel étudiant". In 1996, the cooperative merged with its rival on campus "Coop Comptoir Sciences" to form the current entity.[2]


There are 8 stores scattered in the various buildings of the Université Laval:

  • Maurice Pollack: cooperative general store covering all sectors
  • Adrien-Pouliot: specialized in science and engineering
  • Charles-De Koninck: specialized in law
  • La Fabrique: specialized in arts
  • Palasis-Prince: Specialized in administrative sciences
  • Ferdinand-Vandry: Specialized in health sciences
  • La Boutique de l'Université Laval: clothing and accessories bearing the effigy of the university
  • Boutique du Rouge et Or: clothing and accessories bearing the sports teams effigies of the university

Community involvement[edit]

The cooperative paid $1 052 391 in rebate and $408 185 in donations and sponsorships for the 2006–2007 years.[3]

In addition, each year the cooperative organizes the Gala de la Relève en Or[4] to reward students initiatives.

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