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Zoner Photo Studio
Zoner Photo Studio
Developer(s)Zoner Software
Stable release
19.1806.2.74 / 1 July 2018; 2 years ago (2018-07-01)[1][2]
Operating systemWindows[3]
PlatformIntel Pentium (32-bit / 64-bit)
Available inEnglish, German, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, etc. (older versions were available in more languages)[3]
TypePhoto editor
LicenseSubscription based, 30 day trial version

Zoner Photo Studio is a software application developed by the Czech-founded company Zoner Software. This bitmap editor and image file manager is one of the most widely used programs for editing digital photographs in its country of origin, and is also widely used around the world.[4][5]

This software is currently available only for the Windows operating system.


This software line was originally published under the name Zoner Media Explorer. In 2004, it was renamed to Zoner Photo Studio, because the product focus switched to strictly digital photography only. A new version has been published each year during the software's history.

Key changes brought by recent versions:

Version 12 of Zoner Photo Studio introduced the program's division into "modules": a Manager, Viewer, Editor, and raw module, to increase the ease of working with photo management/editing/etc. simultaneously. This was also the first version with a default charcoal gray interface, intended to ease photo viewing. Version 13 brought support for dual monitors and 64-bit versions of Windows. Version 14 brought support for batch upload to the developer's Zonerama web gallery service and for GPU acceleration via CUDA and OpenCL. Version 15 added the new Import module. Version 16 completed the Editor's switch to using the Side Panel. Version 17 revamped the raw module and made the Catalog more central to the Manager. Version 18 brought a major interface change. The five modules were distilled into three: Manager, Develop, and Editor. Develop enables non-destructive edits to raw files and other supported files. New version of Zoner Photo Studio X is subscription based and brings fine-tuned retouching tools and support of layer based editing.


This is all-in-one photo software, that is, it has features for all of a photo workflow, rather than e.g. only editing. The interface is divided into what the company calls "modules," each addressing a certain major task in that workflow, such as viewing, editing, managing, or "importing" (downloading) photos.

Import module—downloading photos onto a computer[edit]

The program's Import module is used for copying or moving photos from a camera, a card, or other external media onto a computer. It offers various automatic actions during download, such as assigning keywords and other metadata.

Manager module—organizing photos[edit]

The program's Manager module is for organizing photos. It can display "metadata," that is, information about pictures, stored in the Exif, IPTC, and/or XMP standard. This metadata includes titles, descriptions, author info, keywords, audio notes, digital signatures, GPS data, ratings, colored labels, etc. Metadata can also be edited here, or used for filtering. The Manager supports batch work. The program works with image files on disk directly—they are not imported in and later exported out. However, it does have a Catalog database that serves as a "card catalog" for metadata. The Manager has several different views—besides the standard "Browser," these are "Preview," "Map," and "Compare." Their purposes match their names.

Viewer—full-size picture viewing[edit]

The Viewer is for quick full-size picture browsing.

Editor—photo editing[edit]

The Editor is used for photo editing. This is a classic bitmap editor, built for retouching purposes only and thus without full layer support (just a temporary layer upon which edits "float" until they are applied). This editor offers selections and a selection mask.

Raw module—raw file development[edit]

The program's raw module enables conversion of raw-format data into files in standard bitmap formats. The native support does not cover all the newest cameras at any given moment, but can be expanded to support them by integrating a free DNG converter. Version 17 of the program added support for automatic lens defect corrections during development using LCP profiles.

Photo Studio 15[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio was released in October 2012.

Features Added in Version 15[edit]

Import Module—photo downloading[edit]

The photo-download process was completely redesigned for version 15.

Side Panel introduced[edit]

The Side Panel was first added to the Editor in this version, where it already replaced the major editing dialogs (for e.g. colors, brightness, white balance, etc.). Version 15 is thus also when full-screen previewing first replaced small preview panes for most edits. This version saw the addition of "Quick Filters," designed for quickly applying multiple edits at once to give a certain look (e.g. "Polaroid," "Cross Process," "Lomo").

Automatic Backups of Original Version[edit]

Each photo is automatically backed up to a local database the moment a user first edits that photo in the program. The program offers a "Restore Original" function powered by this database. This function is optional, but on by default.


A tool that synchronizes photo collections in multiple locations against each other.


This feature works like a Tilt-shift lens, that is, it blurs a picture's background (with controls for where and how much to blur).


Zonerama is a web gallery service run by the developer of Zoner Photo Studio. Zoner, Inc. provides it for free to both users and non-users of the program. Albums can have configurable privacy, visibility, etc. Version 15 introduced integration between the program and this service, although version 15's integration is outdated today. This integration includes e.g. editing of Zonerama pictures directly from the program.

Zoner Photo Studio 16[edit]


This version was released in October 2013.

Features added in version 16[edit]

Improved touch-controls support[edit]

Version 16 improves the program's usability on tablet PCs and with touch monitors.


This version saw the Manager's main area split into several views—the traditional Browser, plus Preview for quick full-size viewing, Map for work with pictures’ GPS coordinates, and Compare for visually comparing photos side-by-side. Version 16 added a miniature map to the Manager's Side Panel, along with support for drag-and-drop of GPS coordinates.


This version saw the vertical toolbar brought from the left side to the right side, and absolutely all edits moved to the Side Panel. Editor features added in this version included a "Content-aware Resize" that preserves the size of important content during shrinking.

Photo Studio 17[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio 17 was published in September 2014.

Features added in version 17[edit]


This version added the ability to assign keywords and rename pictures during import.


In this version the Manager's Side Panel was expanded to include a small picture preview. Photo ratings were changed from numbers to stars, and the ability to batch-keyword-tag photos in the Information pane was added. As of this version, the Catalog indexes pictures in the background (i.e. it is non-blocking) and auto-indexes the Windows Pictures library, and the Catalog section holds a more prominent place in the folder list on the left. The Catalog section also contains the controls for the DLNA capabilities added in this version. A tool for finding and deleting duplicate files was added in this version.


This version saw a full reworking of the raw module's interface, with some elements removed and some added; one addition is an Automatic button that auto-suggests settings. The most important newly adjustable development settings here are for histogram curves. As of this version, Manager thumbnails immediately reflect changes in the raw module. This version also adds support for lens defect correction using LCP profiles during raw development.

Zoner Photo Studio 18[edit]

The English version of Zoner Photo Studio 18 was released on 1 October 2015.

Features added in version 18[edit]


Zoner Photo Studio 18 is divided into three sections – Manager, Develop and Editor. It replaces the former Viewer section with a standalone viewer, while Import is replaced by a button at the bottom left.

The three sections share one structure – a "Navigator" on the left, a picture or pictures in the middle, and a histogram and tools on a panel on the right.


The Catalog enables filtering by folders, keywords, and the date when the photos were created. As of version 18, it also supports work with external disks.


The Develop section enables non-destructive edits to raw, JPEG, PNG, and other bitmap file formats. Changes are saved to separate files, with the original photos remaining unchanged.

HD Video Presentations[edit]

Sets of photos can be turned into video presentations with music and animated transitions.


Photos and albums can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail; Zoner Postcards can be sent straight from inside the program.

Zoner Photo Studio X[edit]

Zoner Photo Studio X was released 19 September 2016. ZPS X brings subscription based license model. This enables current fast update cycle with releasing new features is every 3 months.

Features added in version[edit]

User interface[edit]

ZPS X is divided into four modules focused in particular part of photo editing workflow: Manager, Develop, Editor and Create. Each modules incorporates unified layout. On the left side is navigator, selected photo in the middle and panel with histogram, tools on the right side.

The catalog[edit]

The catalog enables filtering by folders, keywords, and the date when the photos were created. Storing photos on the external drives is supported, also there is an integrated access to photos on cloud storage.

Develop module[edit]

The Develop section enables non-destructive edits to raw, JPEG, PNG, and other bitmap file formats. Changes are saved to separate files, with the original photos remaining unchanged.

Editor module[edit]

ZPS X incorporates editing in layers. Also all advanced features for modifying images can be found here.

Module create[edit]

This module enables to create printed materials from your photos. User can design own calendar, framed picture, collage, postcard that will be automatically shipped. Creating HD video presentation of photos is possible also from this module.

Sharing options[edit]

Photos can be exported or shared directly from ZPS X. User can upload photos to Zonerama gallery or use effective Pixbuf integration which enables uploading pictures to multiple social networks simultaneously.


Spring 2017: Refine feature[edit]

Improved selection tool allows replacing the background behind a subject with fuzzy fur or frizzy hair in effective way.

Autumn 2017: Smoothing brush, structure cloning and HEIF image format support[edit]

Both features utilise frequency separation technique. Smoothing brush evens out color tones and softening gradients. Ideal for retouching portraits. Structure cloning is valuable tool in removing lone hair.[7]

Zoner Photos Studio X was a first editor which brings HEIF image support in Windows.

Spring 2018: Face recognition, 4 new groups of preset filters, monthly payment for subscription[edit]

Software is now scanning for presence of faces in a photo which is considered during automatic adjustments. New presets are reflected in settings sliders so can be fine-tuned manually. Since April users are able to purchase monthly licence of ZPS X with ongoing payment for $4.99 per month. It is alternative to $49 annual subscription.

Summer 2018: Zoner Photo Cloud[edit]

Zoner Photo Cloud is integrated as cloud storage option. It allows family members or co-workers to work simultaneously. ZPS X comes with basic 5 GB plan free of charge.

Autumn 2018: Improved video editor

ZPS X introduces a redesign of its video creator with 4K Ultra HD output. It possible to add multiple image and video tracks and perform advanced edits. In this version users are able to organise, import and export presets.

System requirements[edit]


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bits) (Windows Vista and Windows XP are no longer supported in version 18)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD with SSE2 support
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: min. 420 MB free disk space
  • Resolution: 1200 × 800 and up
  • Net Framework 4.5


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