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Zongamin (2nd from left) in Vanishing Twin, Glastonbury Festival, 2019
Background information
Birth nameSusumu Mukai
Born1974 (age 49–50)
Osaka, Japan
Member ofVanishing Twin

Susumu Mukai[1] (born c.1974, Osaka, Japan),[2] better known as Zongamin, is a UK-based Japanese-born musician and producer.


Mukai was born in Japan and moved to East Anglia at the age of eleven.[3] He attended Summerhill School where he started playing bass guitar and other instruments.[3] He went on to study at the Royal College of Art, and was signed to Mike Silver's Flesh Records label.[3]

Mukai explained his stage name: "When I started this imaginary band I wanted to name it with a new word."[3]

Zongamin live band was formed in 2000. Past and current members : Nathalie Fowler. Mao Yamada. Leon Harris. Leo Taylor. Will Sweeney. Robert Green.

His self-titled debut album was released in 2003 by XL Recordings, and met with a positive critical response; Allmusic gave it a three-star rating, commenting on the "wealth of ideas" and an "endearing 'anything goes' playfulness" on the album.[4] Pitchfork Media gave it 7.3/10,[5] Gigwise.com also gave the album an enthusiastic review, calling it "a lo-tech electro-fuzz monster".[6]

He has also acted as a remixer for Air,[7] Playgroup, Graffiti, John Cale, Mickey Moonlight, Headman, Sandro Perri, Alexis Taylor and Seelenluft.[8]

Since 2015, he has been a member of Vanishing Twin.[9][10]

Mukai is currently also a member of Becker & Mukai, Off World, Stalactite and School Of Hypnosis.

Musical style[edit]

His music has been described as "incorporating left-field disco, funk, hip-hop, and house, along with good old sloppy garage rock and spaghetti Western soundtracks",[4] and "post punk, somewhat cheesy funkdom interspersed with droning catchy dance hooks".[2] Gigwise.com described his debut album as "a schizophrenic shot of spaghetti western mayhem, angular foot-stamping menace, and made-in-the-kitchen-sink funk".[6]



  • Zongamin (Vinyl LP; 12" album; 33 rpm). XL Recordings. 2003. ASIN B000088EGG.
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  • "O!" (Vinyl EP; 12"; total 4 tracks). Multi Culti. 2018.


  • "Serious Trouble" (2000), Flesh
  • "Tunnel Music" (2001), Flesh
  • "Spiral" (2002), XL
  • "Serious Trouble" (2003), XL
  • "Hotel 17" (2004), Kitsuné
  • "Bongo Song" (2005), Ed Banger


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