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Zongga is located in Tibet
Coordinates: 28°51′17″N 85°17′49″E / 28.85472°N 85.29694°E / 28.85472; 85.29694Coordinates: 28°51′17″N 85°17′49″E / 28.85472°N 85.29694°E / 28.85472; 85.29694
Country China
Autonomous regions Tibet
Prefectures Shigatse
County Gyirong County

Zongga is a township and seat of Gyirong County in the Himalayas of the southern Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It lies at an altitude of 4,130 metres (13,550 ft).

The village is located some 26.1 miles east of Kungtang and 13.1 miles north of Orma.

The village is often also known to the Tibetans as Dzongkha, Songka-dzong, Jung-ka-tsung, Jongkha Dzong, Jung-ha-tsung, Tsung-ka, Jung-ka, Jung-ha, Jongka Dzong, Chi-lung, or as Kyirong (meaning "Happy Village"). Nepalese trans-himalayan traders rendered Kyirong as Kerung (Nepali: केरुङ), hence the British in India called it Kirong.

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