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For the former Major League Baseball player nicknamed "Zonk", see Keith Moreland. For the game show whose undesirable prize is known as a "Zonk", see Let's Make a Deal. For the village in Iran, see Zonk, Iran.

Zonk is an underground dice game played since the 1970s, often by university students, which is sometimes associated with drug culture, specifically marijuana use, a parallel to drinking games.[1] Game play uses 6 dice, consisting of 3 pairs of white, red, and green dice, and involves 2-6 players. The goal of the game is to accumulate more points than the other players, and if played as a marijuana related game, to earn "bong hits".

One possible origin for the game says Zonk was created in 1978, in a freshman dormitory at an upstate New York university. A set of "official" handwritten rules were distributed in 1983.

See also[edit]

  • Farkle, also known as Zilch, another underground student game
  • Cosmic Wimpout, possible precursor to Zonk, which has been commercially produced


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