Zonked/Ain't It Fun

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Zonked/Ain't It Fun
Zonked (album).jpg
Studio album by Dee Dee Ramone
Released 1996
Genre Punk rock
Label Other People's Music

Zonked/Ain't It Fun is an album by Dee Dee Ramone. Zonked is the record released in America on the Other People's Music label, and Ain't It fun is the version released in the UK on Blackout Records. Ain't It Fun contains a bonus track, "Please Kill Me".

Track listing[edit]

  1. I'm Zonked, Los Hombres
  2. Fix Yourself Up
  3. I Am Seeing UFO's (with Joey Ramone on vocals)
  4. Get Off Of The Scene
  5. Never Never Again
  6. Bad Horoscope (with Lux Interior on vocals)
  7. It's So Bizarre
  8. Get Out Of My Room
  9. Someone Who Don't Fit In
  10. Victim Of Society
  11. My Chico
  12. Disguises
  13. Why Is Everybody Always Against Germany
  14. Please Kill Me (Bonus track only on Ain't It Fun)