Zontanoi Nekroi

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Zontanoi Nekroi
Zwntanoi Nekroi Recording.jpg
ZN recording Taki Tsan's new solo album "Rima gia Hrima 2"
Background information
Origin Greece
Genres Battle rap, Trap, Gangsta rap, Hardcore hip hop, Horrorcore
Years active 1997-present.
Labels Ihokratoria (IhoSpira)/Fm Records, Big Fiasco Records, EMI Records
Associated acts Isvoleas, Billy Sio, Terror X Crew, Alfa Gama, Ihokratoras, FF.C, Yung Light, SNIK, Skive, DJ The Boy, Raf
Website http://www.zitani.de
Members Taki Tsan, Midenistis, Ipohthonios, Katahthonios & Harmanis

Zontanoi Nekroi (Living Dead) is a Greek Rap group formed in 1997. The members are: Taki Tsan, Midenistis, Ypohthonios, Katahthonios & Harmanis.


At a concert of the hip hop group Terror X Crew, in 1997 at the Camel Club–Athens, a police raid took place and almost everybody in the concert (even the band) were taken to the police station of Piraeus. Terror X Crew's DJ ALX's brother, Panagiotis Stravalexis and rapper Panos Bougas met there and decided to form a hip hop group. The two of them first started as the Gate of the Living Dead. Stravalexis took the pseudonym Timvorihos - Grave Robber (now his stage name is Taki Tsan) and Bougas took the name Midenistis - Nihilist. Eventually they changed the band's name to Zontanoi Nekroi along with recruiting rappers for the group. Ipohthonios, Katahthonios and Harmanis are the aliases of the three new members who completed the group.


They released the EP ZN Entoles in early 1998, and later that year their only album O Protos Tomos. Following the release of Protos Tomos, most members of the group went to pursue solo careers. Stravalexis changed his alias to Pedi Thavma and released an LP called Rima gia Hrima in 1999. In 2000, ZN started recording Kata.R.Ipo, a duet album by Ipohthonios and Katahthonios, but never released it. In 2001, they were working on Harmanis' debut solo named Sisihaha which was never released too. Having collected several unreleased songs, they released a compilation album named Thammena Ksehasmena which contained songs from Kata.R.Ipo, a song that did not fit in Rima gia Hrima, the first track that was recorded for Megalos Iroas, Midenistis' first solo album, and some alternate editions of old songs. The group informally disbanded after the release of Midenistis LP Megalos Iroas in 2002. In 2008 they formed up again and gave some concerts. During one of their concerts they announced that they are working on Defteros Tomos. ZN continued to work together as they recorded some songs for Taki Tsan's 2009 LP "Rima gia Hrima 2". Although Defteros Tomos was supposed to be released in 2010 it has yet to be seen. Due to this, it is widely rumored that the group has disbanded and they all returned to their solo careers. After their supposed hiatus Midenistis and Ipohthonios went mainstream. In September 2014 though after Taki Tsan publicly called out the other members and after their acceptance, they are expected to record Defteros Tomos.


  • ZN Entoles/Sti Hora Ton Kaliteron MCs, EP, FM Records/Ihokratoria (1998)
  • O Protos Tomos, LP, FM Records/Ihokratoria (1998)
  • Thamena Ksehasmena, Compilation, FM Records/Ihokratoria (2001)
  • The Rare And Unreleased Songs, Mixtape, Gus Productions (2009)
  • The Rare And Unreleased Songs Vol. 2, Mixtape, Gus Productions (2009)
  • Pasa Doumania/Paresthisis, EP, Ihokratoria (2015)

Solo discography[edit]

  • Stin Athina, CD Single, FM Records/Ihokratoria (1999) by Taki Tsan (as Pedi Thavma)
  • Rima Gia Hrima, LP, FM Records/Ihokratoria (1999) by Taki Tsan (as Pedi Thavma)
  • Megalos Iroas, LP, FM Records/Ihokratoria (2002) by Midenistis
  • Stihi San Fotia, CD, FM Records (2004) by Midenistis
  • Mixtape Vol.0, Mixtape, hiphop.gr (2005) by Taki Tsan
  • Mixtape Vol.1, Mixtape, newstyle.gr (2005) by Taki Tsan
  • Mixtape Vol.2: Misa Lefta/Dipli Maggia, Mixtape, IhoSpira (2005) by Taki Tsan
  • To Pedi Tou Dromou, Mixtape, No label (2005) by Ipohthonios
  • Sto Mialo Tou Panagioti Stravaleksi, LP, IhoSpira/FM Records (2006) by Taki Tsan
  • Pion Akous, CD, Minos EMI (2008) by Ipohthonios
  • KommaTia Laska, Mixtape, No label (2008) by Harmanis
  • 50/50, CD, Minos EMI (2008) by Midenistis
  • In' O Man, CD, Sporty Magazine (2009) by Taki Tsan
  • Rima gia Hrima 2, 2 CD's, Ihokratoria/RAP Monster (2009) by Taki Tsan
  • Exclusive Mixtape, Mixtape, takitsan.com (2011) by Taki Tsan
  • Athens' Finest, Mixtape, takitsan.com (2011) by Taki Tsan
  • Vrehi Fragga, Mixtape, Capital Music (2012) by Ipohthonios
  • To Sistima, EP, Ihokratoria/33 1/3 Entertainment (2014) by Taki Tsan

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