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Type Miniature Figures
Company Spin Master
Sega Toys (Licensor)
Country United States
South Korea
Materials Plastic
Slogan "Spring to Life!"
Official website

Zoobles! is a miniature figure toyline created by Spin Master. The toyline is considered a spinoff of the Bakugan toyline and was originally released in August 2010 in the United States, consisting of a wide variety of sphere shaped animal creatures that could close into a ball and, when placed on a magnetic card or their "Happitat," open up into a unique figure. The success of the franchise resulted in the worldwide release of the Spin Master toyline, including Japan, where it is licensed by the Japanese toy division of Sega and has spun one Japanese-Korean Animated series and a Nintendo DS game.



The Zoobles are magical mischievous creatures living in the mystical Zooble Isle. Each Zooble were full of mischief and can also assume into their ball forms to travel into great distances. In the Japanese Version, the Zoobles were born in the Magical Candy Factory, each of them were based on sweets and flavors. They all live in the magical world of Candy Land, where they all live their daily lives.


Zooble Island Exclusive to the English version, Zooble Island is where all Zoobles live. The island is divided into 9 main regions: Petagonia, Azoozia, Petal Point, Chillville, Pinegrove, Seagonia, Arctania, Jungelopolis, Rockin Rollers, Caraloo and Cloud Cove.

Candy Land (キャンディランド, Kyandi Rando) Exclusive to the Japanese and Korean version, Candy Land is where all Zoobles live. The Zoobles in Candy Land were all born in the mystical Candy Factory (キャンディーファクトリー, Kyandīfakutorī), named after flavors and sweets and all live social lives throughout the world. Each region of Candy Land were based on the regions of the original versions.



An anime adaptation of the toyline, titled Zoobles! (ズーブルズ!, Zūburuzu!) (Hangul: 쥬블스) was produced by Dong Woo Animation in Korea and premiered on May 18, 2011 on Seoul Broadcasting System.[1] The series has been dubbed in Japanese and 4 episode were shown on the Japanese website for promoting the toys in Japan. Later on, the series premiered in TV Tokyo's NoriNori♪Nori Suta block, alongside Hamtaro and Kagayake! True Princess Lilpri in late 2011. In January 2012, the series was announced to depart on the NoriNori♪Nori Suta block and had its official TV premiere on February 5, 2012,[2] replacing Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders in its initial timeslot.

The series is written by Tetsuo Yasumi, best known as the head writer of the anime adaptation of Happy Happy Clover with Japanese producer Mitsuko Ohya of Duel Masters in charge of production. Character designs in the series were done by Nam Jong-Sik of Animal Yokocho and Kazuya Hayashi of Happy Happy Clover.


An official Simulation Role-Playing Puzzle game to the toyline titled Zoobles! Spring to Life! was developed by Now Production of Japan and published by Activision for the Nintendo DS. It was released on November 1, 2011 in United States and November 6, 2011 in Europe. The game's limited edition comes with one Zooble Figure.


The toyline is awarded as the Best Girl Toy of the Year in 2011. In Japan, the toys has sold about 200,000 units in less than three months prior to its first release.[3]

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