Zoological Garden station

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Zoological Garden
Former Pennsylvania Railroad station
Philadelphia Zoo entrance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-27June2010.jpg
Entrance to the Philadelphia Zoo, just below where the station once stood
Location Girard/34th Street
Owned by SEPTA
Tracks 4
Structure type none, all removed
Platform levels 1
Opened 1874
Closed November 24, 1901[1]
  Former services  
Pennsylvania Railroad
Chestnut Hill Line
toward Trenton
Trenton Line

Zoological Garden station was a railroad station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was located at 34th Street and Girard Avenue, it served the Philadelphia Zoo and nearby areas. Built by the Pennsylvania Railroad, it closed in 1902 as the railroad expanded.[2] The zoo has proposed that a new station be created at 34th Street and Mantua, though the complicated network of tracks, known as the zoo interlocking, presents engineering challenges. The zoo, recognizing that SEPTA lacks the necessary resources, is seeking funding from the federal government.[3][4]


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