University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum

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University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum
Zoologisk museum
Zoologisk Museum.jpg
Established 1862
Location 15, 2100 København Ø, Copenhagen, Denmark
Type Natural history museum
Director Morten Meldgaard

The Copenhagen Zoological Museum (Danish: Zoologisk Museum) is a part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark which consist of four natural science museums.[1] The permanent exhibition 'From pole to pole' show animals from around the world in big displays. There is also a semi-permanent Darwin exhibition and a full collection of all the animals in the Danish territory, including Greenland. The museum has many important remains of recently extinct birds in storage, including the eyes and internal organs of the last two great auks, several specimens of the pied raven, and one of only two known complete skulls of the dodos that were taken to Europe in the 17th century.



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