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"Zum zum zum"
OST by Jibril Serapis Bey
from the album 'Only The Strong'
Language Brazilian Portuguese
Genre Capoeira
Songwriter(s) Jibril Serapis Bey

"Zoom-Zoom-Zoom" (also known as "Zum Zum Zum" or "Zoom Zoom") is the title of a capoeira song, made popular by the 1994 movie, Only The Strong, for whose soundtrack it was recorded by Jibril Serapis Bey.[1] It is one of three Serapis Bey recordings which appear on the soundtrack to the film. Another recording of "Zum Zum Zum" was made by Spank for the year 2000[2] Mazda car commercials in conjunction with the company's slogan "Zoom-Zoom."

The song is not related to "Zoom Zoom Zoom," a 1958 doo-wop single by The Collegians.


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