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Media company, Online content
Founded2000 by Jan Riemens and Bram Bloemberg
the Netherlands
Key people
Roger Lodewick (CEO)
OwnerModern Times Group (51%)

Zoomin, B.V. is a global media and entertainment company located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Zoomin.TV produces content in more than 15 languages[1] and is active worldwide with online advertising sales. Next to its headquarters in Amsterdam, the company also has offices in London, Madrid, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Beijing, Barcelona, Mexico City, Brasilia, São Paulo, Sinagpore, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Milan, and Montevideo.


Founded in 2000 by Jan Riemens and Bram Bloemberg, the company has grown as an independent producer of video content that now employs over 200 people from more than 20 different countries. Zoomin.TV publishes more than 400 short clips in 18 languages a day.[2]

In July 2015 MTG acquired 51% of Zoomin.TV[3] making the company part of the group that includes ESL (the world’s largest eSports company) and Splay (Scandinavia’s number one MCN and digital content creator).[4]

The Zoomin.TV’s Multiple Platform Network now generates more than 5 billion monthly video views and has a combined subscriber count of over 150 million across its various channels.[5]


In addition to its original content creation, Zoomin.TV also provides end-to-end channel management and optimization services for brands and media companies to grow their presence on YouTube.[6] The premium service, which includes a full suite of software tools and consultation on programming strategy, is designed to build an audience and engagement around clients’ video content. With experience in both content creation and channel management, Zoomin.TV is able to offer and provide the opportunity for collaboration and cross promotion between different online content creators and between creators and brands across multiple platforms.

Original Content[edit]

Zoomin.TV produces content in 20 languages from its worldwide network of Video journalists. It produces over 400 news video a day, localized in 20 languages through its in-house production facilities. Covering all types of subject matter from news, entertainment, sports and fashion. Zoomin.TV’s content has been used by over 2000 publishing sites and it has relationships with online news sites such as The Huffington Post, AOL, Yahoo, Daily Motion and Europa Press. Zoomin.TV has also collaborated with various brands to use its original content with their branding in support of online campaigns or produced content specifically for the brand. In addition, Zoomin.TV is now expanding into live events and streaming.

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