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Zopo Mobile
Native name
Industry Consumer electronics
Founded 2008 (company foundation)
2015 (globally registered)
Founder Kevin Xu
Headquarters Shenzhen, Guangdong, up
Area served
Europe, South America, South-east Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa
Products Smartphones
Website Zopo Mobile Global
Zopo Mobile
Simplified Chinese 深圳卓普通讯设备有限公司
Traditional Chinese 深圳卓普通訊設備有限公司
Literal meaning Shenzhen Zopo Communication Equipment Co. Ltd.

Zopo Mobile (or simply, Zopo) is the commonly used name of Shenzhen Zopo Communications-equipment Limited Company, a Mobile Smartphone maker headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Zopo was founded in 2012 (formally established in 2008) by Mr. Kevin Xu. It engages in research and development, production, marketing and service of mobile intelligent terminal products. ZOPO is an acronym standing for "Zealous Open Perfect Outstanding".[1]


In 2012 Zopo released the Zopo ZP200 model, which was "China's first Glasses-Free 3D dual sim smart mobile phone". It sold many units in mainland China, mostly.[2]

In late 2013, Zopo released the world's first true octa-core CPU based smartphone, with the ZP998. The ZP998 was the first smartphone sold using the new (at the time) MediaTek MT6592 SoC.[3]

Zopo was the first company to manufacture and deliver a Linux Sailfish OS smartphone to the Indian market.[4]

As of June 2015, Zopo has opened experience stores in France, Hong Kong, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Tunisia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Spain.

Beginning of 2015, Zopo integrated PowerXtend in the newly launched ZP999. This is a de facto standard mobile power management from LucidLogic.[5]

In April 2015, Zopo announced it would open a European Operation Center mid-2015, in the Netherlands.[6]

With its ongoing development, Zopo has reached several different markets, officially and through local distributors. Spain is one of the strongest markets for Zopo, but the company also recently launched operations in India in August 2015,[7] and in Laos in September 2015.[8]

In October 2015 Zopo released the source code of the Speed 7 to the public.[9][10]

Brand Ambassador - MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo[edit]

Zopo brand ambassador and MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo holding the official racing helmet with Zopo Mobile sponsored sticker.

Zopo established Spain as the main western market for the brand, and a strategic insertion point into the broader European market. Three-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo was chosen as brand ambassador for Zopo in July, 2015.[11] Being a superstar in his home country in Spain and an internationally recognized top athlete, the signing became one of the key achievements for Zopo's global brand awareness expansion.

Zopo India[edit]

Zopo Mobile ventured into India in August 2015 with their product Speed 7 during a launch conference held at New Delhi with the attendance of Mr. Kevin Xu, CEO of Zopo Mobile, Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia CEO and Founder of AdCom and Mr. Charles Bird, brand Manager of Zopo Mobiles.[12] Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia is the CEO and Founder of AdCom, who are the exclusive distributors of Zopo Mobiles in India. Now become strongest brand in indian market and expanding its wings with satisfied customers in india.[13] The Speed 8 smartphone; the first Deca-Core Smartphone was launched in July, 2016 in New Delhi.[14][15]

At present, Zopo Mobile is in the craze of taking the whole market share but Oppo and Vivo are on the lead in the Indian market.

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