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The Zoran Janković List (Slovene: Lista Zorana Jankovića) is a Slovenian non-party list, formed in 2006 by the Ljubljana's former mayor Zoran Janković. On 23 October 2006, Janković was elected the mayor of Ljubljana, and his list won 52,619 votes resulting in 41.4% totals. There were 23 out of 45 people elected in the City Council. At the election on 10 October 2010, Janković's list won 25 out of 45 seats in the City Council.[1] Zoran Janković lost his mayoral post in December 2011, after he became a deputy in the Slovenian National Assembly.[2]

Members of the City Council of Ljubljana from the list[edit]

In 2010, the following members of the list were elected to the City Council of Ljubljana:[3]


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