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Gharghavank Zoravor Church (foreground)  and the village of Zoravan (background)
Gharghavank Zoravor Church (foreground)
and the village of Zoravan (background)
Zoravan  Զորավան is located in Armenia
Zoravan  Զորավան
Coordinates: 40°21′25″N 44°31′23″E / 40.35694°N 44.52306°E / 40.35694; 44.52306Coordinates: 40°21′25″N 44°31′23″E / 40.35694°N 44.52306°E / 40.35694; 44.52306
Country Armenia
Marz (Province) Kotayk
Re-founded 1972-80
 • Mayor Gevorg Ghazaryan
Elevation 1,380 m (4,530 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Total 1,267
Time zone   (UTC+4)

Zoravan (Armenian: Զորավան; formerly, Ghargavank and Pokravan; historically and prior to 1972-80, Khacho) is a village situated along the lower slopes of Mount Ara in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. The village was established in 1972-80, during which time it was called Pokravan, for the purpose of developing a large stockyard or feedlot that would ultimately be utilized to breed a target of eleven-thousand animals. After reaching capacity, the village was renamed to Zoravan after the nearby Zoravar Church, also known as Gharghavank, built between 661 and 685 by Prince Grigor Mamikonian. The community currently has a school and a kindergarten. Drinking water for the village comes from a source near Karenis, while water for irrigation comes from Lake Sevan.[1][2]


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