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Zorge Nordhausen.JPG
The Zorge in Nordhausen
Location Lower Saxony and Thuringia,  Germany
Start confluence of the Wolfsbach and Sprakelbach in Zorge
51°38′14″N 10°38′02″E / 51.63722°N 10.63389°E / 51.63722; 10.63389Coordinates: 51°38′14″N 10°38′02″E / 51.63722°N 10.63389°E / 51.63722; 10.63389
Source height ca 352 m above sea level (NN)
Mouth northeast of Heringen into the Helme
Basin Elbe
Confluence of the Sprakelbach (left) and the Wolfsbach (right) to form the Zorge

The Zorge is a tributary of the River Helme in central Germany. It is about 40 km long and flows from the state of Lower Saxony into Thuringia. In many sources the name Zorge is translated as "wild river".


The river starts in the village of the same name in the Harz Mountains at the confluence of the Wolfsbach and Sprakelsbach streams[1] which meet in the middle of the upper part of the village at around 350 metres. It then flows in a southerly direction through Zorge and Ellrich to Nordhausen. The Zorge discharges into the Helme northeast of Heringen.

The headstreams of the Zorge, like other streams such as the Wieda drain one of the rainiest regions of the Harz. The quantities of water it carries to the Helme are one of the reasons for the construction of the Kelbra Reservoir on the Helme.


  • Wolfsbach (left headstream)
  • Sparakelbach (right headstream)
  • Steigerwasser (right)
  • Elsbach (left)
  • Dörenbach (right)
  • Illigesbach (right)
  • Rosenbach (left)
  • Sülze (left)
  • Wieda (right)
  • Bere (left)
  • Kappelbach (left)
  • Orbach (left)
  • Gumpebach (left)
  • Roßmannsbach (left)
  • Leimbach (left)
  • Krummbach (left)


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The Zorge en route through the village of the same name