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Origin Zonhoven, Belgium
Genres Rock
Years active 1999–present
Website zornik.com
Members Koen Buyse
Davy Deckmijn
Bas Remans
Tom Barbier
Past members Kristof Vanduren
Marijn Horemans
Bart Van Lierde

Zornik is a Belgian rock band. It was formed in 1999 by singer and guitarist Koen Buyse, drummer Marijn Horemans and bass guitarist Kristof Vanduren.


The band made it in 1999 to the finals of HUMO's Rock Rally rock contest, with the name Zornik Breknov. There, the band was spotted by Parlophone Belgium and MTC Management. This led to the recording of their first EP, Love Affair. It stayed in Belgium's leading alternative charts at Studio Brussel, for more than 10 weeks since March 2001. The second EP, It's so unreal, remained in the alternative charts for more than 20 weeks, reaching number 3.

Zornik played in 2001 at important summer festivals: Eurorock, Marktrock and Pukkelpop. They gave a business presentation at A2A and also appeared at Eurosonic. In October 2001 they were awarded the TMF Award for Most Promising Band of the year. Soon after, Marijn left the band and was replaced on drums by Davy Deckmijn.

Their CD-single Hey Girl was released early December and became the number one in the alternative charts for six weeks. Their debut album The Place Where You Will Find Us was released in February 2002. This album rocketed to the #1 spot in the Belgian charts, where it stayed for 2 weeks.

The single You Move Me (released June 2002) also hit the no. 2 spot in the alternative charts after just two weeks. Zornik played all major festivals in Belgium (Rock Werchter, Marktrock, Dour, Lokerse Feesten), as well as almost 20 shows in the Netherlands, both clubs and festivals (Lowlands), festivals in Germany (Bizarre, Hurricane and Southside) and Austria, clubs in Norway, Denmark and Sweden (with Muse) and the UK. In October 2002, they were awarded the TMF Award for Best Rock Group.

In 2003, Kristof decided to leave the band. For the summer festival shows, he was replaced by Bas (Millionaire) who also joined the band in the studio for the recordings of the second album, One-Armed Bandit (2004). This album was a lot more experimental than the first one. For the tour, bass was played by Bart Van Lierde (also known as bass guitarist for Zita Swoon).

In 2005 Zornik went acoustic for a theater tour, creating the album "Alien Sweetheart". The theater tour: "All Strings Attached", was their first full acoustic live performance and was a huge success.

In the concerts they did on festivals in the summer of 2006, Bas rejoined them to play bass.

In the spring of 2007, the band once again started recording a new rock album. They went to Malta again, and in the beginning of April the new album, Crosses was released. They gave a show in the brand new arena in Antwerp, which they said to be their best show up to then.


Date of Release Title Label Belgium Ultra Top 50
2002 The Place Where You Will Find Us
2004 One Armed Bandit
2005 Alien Sweetheart
2007 Crosses
2010 Satisfaction Kills Desire
2012 [[Less > More]]
Title Single/full CD Date
You move me single 2002
One-armed Bandit Full-CD 2004
Goodbye single 2004
Scared of Yourself single 2004
Believe in me single 2004
Alien Sweetheart Full-CD 2005
I Feel Alright single 2005
Keep me down single 2005
Crosses Full-CD 2007
Black Hope Shot Down single 2007
4.000.000 Minutes of Zornik best-of 2008
Satisfaction Kills Desire Full-CD 2010


Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. Modern Rock U.S. Mainstream Rock UK Singles Chart Australian Singles Chart France Singles Chart Belgium Singles Chart Album
2001 "Love Affair" - The Place Where You Will Find Us
2002 "It's So Unreal" -
"Hey Girl" - - - -
"You Move Me"
2004 "Goodbye" - - - - - - - One Armed Bandit
"Scared of Yourself" - - - - - - -
2005 "I Feel Alright" - - - - - - Alien Sweetheart
- - - - -