Zoroaster (band)

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For other uses, see Zoroaster (disambiguation).
Genres Sludge metal, doom metal, southern metal
Years active 2003-present
Labels eOne
Website http://www.zoroasterrocks.com
Members Mike Morris
Dan Scanlan
Will Fiore
Past members Rod Fiore
Brent Anderson

Zoroaster is a sludge metal band from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 2003.[1] The original line-up was Brent Anderson on bass and vocals with Will Fiore (guitar, vocals) and Todd Fiore (drums), all of whom had previously been members of Terminal Doom Explosion.[1][2] So far they have released four studio albums, Zoroaster in 2005, Dog Magic in 2007, Voice of Saturn in 2009, and Matador in 2010. They are currently signed to E1 Music.[3]


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