Zosimus the Hermit

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Saint Zosimus
Zosimas the Hermit and Athanasius the Notary, anchorites of Cilicia (Menologion of Basil II).jpg
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church Eastern Catholic Church
Feast3 January Roman Catholic 4 January Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic

Zosimus the Hermit was an ascetic who resided in the wilds of Cilicia in the 3rd century AD.

Zosimus was tortured during the persecution of the Church under Roman Emperor Diocletian but persevered in his Christian faith. After being tortured he was left miraculously unharmed which led to the conversion of Zosimus' guard Athanasius who accepted the Christian faith and baptism.

Eventually both Zosimus and Athanasius were released and lived out the rest of their lives in a mountain hermitage far from human society.

Saint Zosimus the Hermit and Saint Athanasius his disciple are commemorated on 4 January by the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic Churches.

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