Zou Yigui

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Zou Yigui's colophon painting to the Song Dynasty Palace Museum version of the Admonitions Scroll, 1746.

Zou Yigui (simplified Chinese: 邹一桂; traditional Chinese: 鄒一桂; pinyin: Zōu Yīguì; Wade–Giles: Tsou I-kui) (1686–1772), style name as Yuanbao (原褒), sobriquet as Xiaoshan (小山) and Erzhi (二知), is a famed Chinese painter in Qing Dynasty. He was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.[1]

He painted for the imperial family, skilled in painting flowers in minutes ways. He was also talented in painting landscapes. He once wrote a book named "Art of Painting of Xiaoshan" (小山画谱), discussing the experience of painting.[1][2]


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