Zouk Mosbeh

Coordinates: 33°57′18″N 35°36′53″E / 33.95500°N 35.61472°E / 33.95500; 35.61472
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Zouk Mosbeh
ذوق مصبح
Map showing the location of Zouk Mikael within Lebanon
Map showing the location of Zouk Mikael within Lebanon
Zouk Mosbeh
Location within Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°57′18″N 35°36′53″E / 33.95500°N 35.61472°E / 33.95500; 35.61472
Country Lebanon
 • Total4.53 km2 (1.75 sq mi)
170 m (560 ft)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Dialing code+961

Zouk Mosbeh (Arabic: زوق مصبح) is a town and municipality in the Keserwan District of the Keserwan-Jbeil Governorate in Lebanon. It is located 12 kilometers north of Beirut. Zouk Mosbeh's average elevation is 170 meters above sea level and its total land area is 453 hectares.[1] Its inhabitants are predominantly Maronite Catholics and Christians from other denominations.[2] There are three schools in the town, one public and two private, which together enrolled a total of 4,633 students in 2005–2006.[1] There were 167 businesses with over five employees operating in Zouk Mosbeh as of 2006.[1]

Zouk Mosbeh is well known for a cave called the King's Cave and is home to the Notre Dame University – Louaize.[3] The town is home to the Hall of Fame Museum which contains fifty silicone models of famous celebrities, and several of them are animated.[4] It is also home to the Christ the King Convent and the base of the Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage.


In 1838, Eli Smith noted Zuk Musbah as a village located in Aklim el-Kesrawan, Northeast of Beirut; the chief seat of the Maronites.[5]

Industrial Zone[edit]

The city is known for its industrial zone which contains numerous shops. It has been hit with an explosion in 2007 causing one death and 3 injuries,[6] but was rebuilt and started operating properly since then.[7]


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