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Polish Zrazy on a plate.
Type Main course
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients beef
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Zrazy (Polish: zrazy, Lith.: zrazai or mušti suktinukai)[1] is a meat roulade dish popular in Eastern Europe, especially Poland (Silesian rouladen), Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.


Classic zrazy have a rolled shape and are made of thin slices of beef, which is flavored with salt and pepper and stuffed with vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, and potato. However, there are numerous stuffing combinations as new ones are encouraged, such as pickles and bacon.

The stuffed meat is then rolled and secured with thread or toothpicks. After being fried in oil for a short period of time, the zrazy are placed in a casserole with celery, onion, and various spices and covered with a hot stock. The casserole is then stewed at a low temperature.

Prior to serving, the threads or toothpicks are removed; the zrazy is then drained and sometimes dusted with flour or topped with sour cream.

Zrazy are eaten with the sauce in which they were stewed and are usually garnished with crumbled kasha, usually buckwheat and barley.

In place of beef, zrazy can also be made with veal or pork.


It is unknown exactly when this dish was invented as well as which country of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth first produced it; Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine all claim to have created zrazy.


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