Zschopau (river)

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The river Zschopau in the town Zschopau.
Origin Ore Mountains
Mouth Freiberger Mulde
51°7′46″N 13°3′7″E / 51.12944°N 13.05194°E / 51.12944; 13.05194Coordinates: 51°7′46″N 13°3′7″E / 51.12944°N 13.05194°E / 51.12944; 13.05194
Basin countries Germany
Length 128 km
Source elevation 1,125 m
Basin area 1750 km²

The Zschopau (German pronunciation: [ˈt͡ʃoːpaʊ̯], Czech: Sapava [ˈsapava] or Šopava [ˈʃopava]) is a river in Saxony, Germany, left tributary of the Freiberger Mulde. Its source is in the Erzgebirge, on the slopes of the Fichtelberg, near the border with the Czech Republic. It flows north through the towns Schlettau, Wolkenstein, Zschopau, Flöha, Frankenberg, Mittweida and Waldheim. It joins the Freiberger Mulde in the village Schweta, west of Döbeln.

The Zschopau River flows northward for 130 km, into the Freiberger Mulde. The river has numerous roads and paths running alongside it. These trails are especially popular with cyclists. Mountain bikers often come here for tours. The undulating trails offer a brilliant riding experience to cycling enthusiasts. The trail is also known for the beautiful scenery, with castles and other medieval buildings appearing on the trail.[1]

The Zschopau River in the town of Zschopau.
The confluence of the rivers Flöha and Zschopau in the town Flöha.


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