Zsigmond Perényi (1783–1849)

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Zsigmond Perényi
Perényi Zsigmond Barabás.jpg
Speaker of the House of Magnates
In office
1 January 1849 – 11 August 1849
Preceded by György Majláth, Sr.
Succeeded by György Apponyi
Personal details
Born November 18, 1783
Beregszász-Végardó, Kingdom of Hungary
(today part of Berehove, Ukraine)
Died October 24, 1849 (aged 64)
Pest, Kingdom of Hungary
Political party Opposition Party
Profession politician
The native form of this personal name is perényi báró Perényi Zsigmond. This article uses the Western name order.

Baron Zsigmond Perényi de Perény (November 18, 1783 – October 24, 1849) was a Hungarian politician, who served as Speaker of the House of Magnates in 1849. After defeat of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 he was executed because his name appeared in the Hungarian Declaration of Independence which was declared by the Diet of Hungary in Debrecen on April 14, 1849.

His grandson was Zsigmond Perényi, Speaker of the House of Magnates and Minister of the Interior.


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Political offices
Preceded by
György Majláth, Sr.
Speaker of the House of Magnates
Succeeded by
György Apponyi