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Harsányi Zsolt (January 27, 1887- November 29, 1943), also Zsolt von Harsanyi or de Harsanyi, was a prolific and renowned Hungarian author, dramatist, translator, and writer.

Born in Korompa, Upper Hungary (modern day Slovakia; Krompachy in Slovakian), Harsányi descended from a long line of Hungarian writers. At seventeen years of age, he received a student award from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His long career produced hundreds of dramatic and literary works, including short and full-length plays, musical comedies, and historical fiction novels.

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   Zum Herrschen geboren (Roman biographic, life of Matthias Corvinus)
   Im Schatten der Krone
   La vie est belle(Roman biographic, life of Peter Paul Rubens)
   La comète(Roman biographic, life of Sandor Petöfi)
   Pourpre et crépusculaire(Roman biographic, life of Mihály Munkácsy)
   A travers les yeux d'une femme, 1938
   Et pourtant elle tourne(Leben des Galileo Galilei)