Zu Geng of Shang

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Zu Geng
King of Shang dynasty
Reign 1191 - 1184 BCE (7 years)
Died 1184 BCE
Full name
Family name: Zi (子)
Given name: Yue (躍)
Father Wu Ding
Mother Fu Jing

Zu Geng (祖庚) was king of the Shang dynasty of China. His given name was Yue (躍).(According to one source, it was Yao [曜].)

His capital was at Yin (殷). Zu Geng is thought to have been the commissioner and dedicator of the Houmuwu ding, which he had cast in memory of his mother, Fu Jing.[1]

He ruled for seven years from 1191, after the death of his father Wu Ding, and was succeeded by his brother Zu Jia.[2]


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Zu Geng of Shang
Preceded by
Wu Ding
King of China Succeeded by
Zu Jia