Zu Gengzhi

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Zu Gengzhi
Traditional Chinese 祖𣈶之
Simplified Chinese 祖暅之
Jingshuo (courtesy name)
Traditional Chinese 景爍
Simplified Chinese 景烁
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zu.

Zu Gengzhi (simplified Chinese: 祖暅之; traditional Chinese: 祖𣈶之; pinyin: Zǔ Gèngzhī; Wade–Giles: Tsu Keng-chih, born ca. 450, died ca. 520) was a Chinese mathematician. His courtesy name was Jingshuo (景烁; 景爍) and he was also referred to as Zu Geng. He was the son of another famous Chinese mathematician, Zu Chongzhi.[1]

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