Zubački kabao

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Zubacki kabao with a small snowpatch in June

Zubački kabao (Cyrillic: Зубачки кабао, pronounced [zǔbatʃkiː kǎbaɔ]) is a mountain in Montenegro. At 1,894 m, it is the highest summit of the Orjen range in the Dinaric Alps. It is also the highest peak of the eastern Adriatic.

From Zubački kabao views spread out before one of bleached white limestone crags of the surrounding Dinaric ranges, the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic coast, and inland as far as Durmitor, while to the south-east lies the Skadar lake and the mountains of Albania.

Fine weather is needed on this heavy rainfall zone where over 8000 mm has been recorded in a single year (1936). On Zubački kabao scattered clumps of pine seem to cling precariously to any sheltered fold or gully in the stark cliffs. About the summit of Zubački kabao altimediterranean vegetation is distinctive.


Coordinates: 42°34′N 18°32′E / 42.567°N 18.533°E / 42.567; 18.533