Zubair Torwali

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Zubair Torwali
BornBahrain, Swat, Swat, Pakistan
ResidenceBahrain, Swat, Pakistan
OccupationSocial activist

Zubair Torwali is a community activist, linguist and educator based in Bahrain, Pakistan who has sought to preserve and promote Pakistans Dardic cultures and languages. Zubair Torwali is a graduate of Jahanzeb College in Swat, Pakistan at the Bachelors' level and the University of Peshawar at the Masters level. Zubair Torwali has also received additional diplomas and given lectures in languages, literature and education. Zubair Torwali has published works in English, Urdu and the Dardic Torwali language.

He is described by the Acumen Fund: "Zubair is the Founder of Idara Baraye Taleem-o-Taraqi, an organization that fights for the rights and development of marginalized linguistic communities in north Pakistan. He is also Secretary of the Forum for Language Initiatives, which also works to preserve these communities. Zubair is also a researcher and writer whose book, Muffled Voices, provides insight into Pakistan’s social, cultural and political issues. A Fellow with Leadership for Environment and Development Pakistan and with the Asia Leadership Fellows Program, Zubair is associated with a number of human rights organizations and has been awarded the 2012 Hellman-Hammett Grant by Human Rights Watch." [1]



  • Book: Vestiges of Torwali Culture by Zubair Torwali
  • Book: Muffled Voices, Longing for a Pluralist and Peaceful Pakistan by Zubair Torwali
  • Book: Paradise Visage by authors including Zubair Torwali

Academic journals[edit]

  • Criterion Quarterly: Malakand Division: Conflicts, Floods and Response by Zubair Torwali
  • Criterion Quarterly: The Ignored Dardic Culture of Swat by Zubair Torwali
  • Journal of Languages and Culture: The Ignored Dardic Culture of Swat by Zubair Torwali


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