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Zubaida Tariq
Born 4 April 1945 (1945-04-04) (age 72)
Hyderabad Deccan, Kingdom of Hyderabad, now living Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Other names Zubaida Apaa
Occupation Chef, cooking expert
Years active 1945–present
Spouse(s) Tariq Hussain (m. 1966–present)
Children Saba
Relatives Bahadur Yar Jung (uncle)
Anwar Maqsood (brother)
Fatima Surayya Bajia (sister)
Zehra Nigah (sister)
Bilal Maqsood (nephew)
Website Zubaidatariq.com

Zubaida Tariq (Urdu: زبیدہ طارق‎), often called Zubaida Aapa (born 4 April 1945), is a chef and cooking expert from Pakistan.[1][2] She is currently doing programs on Masala TV, Pakistan.

Personal life[edit]

Zubaida Tariq was born on 4 April 1945 in Hyderabad Deccan, India, and now lives in Karachi, Pakistan. Her family migrated to Pakistan in 1947.They settled in Karachi, PIB Colony, where she lived with her five older sisters and 4 brothers. In 1951 she lost her grandfather, thereafter she lost her father in 1953. After the death of father, three of her sisters took all the responsibilities of running the house. Zubaida got married to her first cousin, Tariq Maqsood. She met him in 1954. He came to stay over at his aunt's (dad's sister's) house. Tariq's mother used to like Zubaida a lot. She expressed her feelings about making Zubaida her daughter-in-law. Then in 1966, they got married. When the marriage was decided, Zubaida lived on Jamshed Road. She got married at the age of 21.They have a daughter name Shaha Tariq and one son Hussain Tariq.


Originally from Hyderabad, India, and settled in Karachi, Zubaida was born into a prominent Urdu-speaking family known for producing littérateurs, intellectuals and artists. Her maternal grand-uncle was Bahadur Yar Jung, a Muslim nationalist of the Indian subcontinent. She has ten other siblings, the most notable of whom include Fatima Surayya Bajia – an Urdu novelist and playwright; Zehra Nigah, an Urdu poet; and her brother Anwar Maqsood, who is a popular poet, humorist, writer and entertainer[3] Zubaida's nephew Bilal Maqsood (Anwar's son) is a vocalist and guitarist for the pop rock band Strings.

Television shows[edit]

Zubaida worked on ARY Digital for 1½ years, and then she did 120 programs with Sajid Hussain, 120 morning programs with Nadia, and about 450 shows with Kiran. Then Zubaida came on FM 107 with a show called Aik Mukammal Ghar which was first hosted by Azra Manzoor. In the meantime, she did 200 shows of another program called Kitchen Magic, and then she did another show on Geo TV by the title of Aaj Ke Bhao. She is now working with Masala TV in people most watched cooking show Handi. She has covered more than 1000 episodes for the show.

Medical health[edit]

Zubaida Tariq was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which had an effect on many parts of her life. She published a day-to-day 'living with Parkinson's' memoir in 2011[citation needed].


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