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Zucchelli Station at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica (summer view)
A helicopter at Mario Zucchelli Station

Zucchelli Station is an Italian permanent research station, located at Terra Nova Bay in Antarctica. It has been named after Mario Zucchelli, late director of the Italian Antarctic Program. [1]


Location of the "Concordia Station"

The Zucchelli Station is a permanent Antarctic Station on the Terra Nova Bay located at a small altitude of 15 meters and with an area of approximately 7,200 square meters. In 2010 it has been enlarged and in "warm" months is linked to the Italian Concordia Station (operated together with French researchers).

This facility -created in 1985- hosts a variety of scientific projects. The Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide (National Antarctic Research Program (PNRA)) works closely with the US Antarctic Program and Antarctica New Zealand.

Technical plants:
- a unit for electrical and thermal energy generation, with four diesel generators (made up of two couples)
- a co-generation system for the exploitation of the thermal energy produced by the power generators
- a drinkable water production machine by desalting sea water
- a burner and a waste water cleaner
- a nitrogen and a helium liquefiers

Research topics:
offshore marine biology, terrestrial biology, oceanography, geomagnetic observations, geodesy, onshore geology, glaciology, meteorological observations, ionospheric/auroral observations, cosmic ray observations, seismology and environmental monitoring.


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Coordinates: 74°41.616′S 164°06.702′E / 74.693600°S 164.111700°E / -74.693600; 164.111700