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Origin Calgary, Canada
Genres pop rock, rock, Alternative
Years active pre-1996–present
Labels None, formerly Mercury/Polygram and Mercury/Universal
Website MySpace page
Members Andy Eichhorn – Lead vocals, guitar
Reed Shimozawa – Guitar, vocals
Ed Tiegs – Bass, drums
Ian Grant – Drums

Zuckerbaby is an Alberta-based rock band who found success in the late 1990s. The band formed out of local Calgary groove band Calliope.[1] The band was known for its power pop influences and the thick lead guitar sounds of Reed Shimozawa, an alumnus of Calgary-based hair metal band Smash L.A.[2] "Andromeda", "Heavy" and "Shampoo" were singles released from their debut, self-titled album.[3] Their second CD "Platinum Again" was released in 2000 and two singles were released from it ; "Overexposure" and "Holiday". The band was dropped from its label when Mercury Records was reorganized under Universal Music.

On August 28, 2015, the band reunited with the appearance of original members, Andy Eichorn and Reed Shimozawa, who were joined by two local Calgary musicians for a one time live opening show at the Marquee Beer Market and Stage with headlining band Age of Electric.[4]

Band members[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Brian Doss - Bass
  • Ted Koti - Bass (replaced Doss in 1998, and was replaced by Ed Tiegs in 1999)
  • Wayne Stadler - Drums
  • Mark Freeland - Bass
  • Kurt Dahle - Drums (temporary for Stadler in 1998)

The band also had co-writers for their Platinum Again album:[5]

Origin of the name[edit]

The name "Zuckerbaby" comes from a German art film, made in 1985, directed and written by Percy Adlon.[6] The film is also known as Sugarbaby.


Year Title Label
1996 Ooh I'm So Pretty Calgary Band Compilation (featuring Andromeda and Jealousy)
1997 Zuckerbaby Mercury/Polygram
2000 Platinum Again Mercury/Universal


Year Song Album
1997 "Andromeda" Zuckerbaby
1997 "Heavy" Zuckerbaby
1998 "Shampoo" Zuckerbaby
2000 "Overexposure" Platinum Again
2000 "Holiday" Platinum Again


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