Zuivska power station

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Zuivska power station
Самый большой флаг в ДНР.jpg
Zuivska power station in November 2011
Official nameЗуївська ТЕС
LocationZuhres, Donetsk Oblast
Coordinates48°2′5″N 38°17′6.11″E / 48.03472°N 38.2850306°E / 48.03472; 38.2850306Coordinates: 48°2′5″N 38°17′6.11″E / 48.03472°N 38.2850306°E / 48.03472; 38.2850306
Commission date1982
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Power generation
Units operational3 x 300 MW
1 x 320 MW
Make and modelTAGMET
Nameplate capacity1,220 Zaporizhzhia thermal power station
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Zuivska power station (also known as Zuivska TES, Ukrainian: Зуївська ТЕС) is a thermal power station at Zuhres in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine. It has a 330 metres (1,080 ft) tall flue gas stack, which is the tallest free-standing structures in Ukraine.

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