Zug, Western Sahara

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Municipality and town
Zug is located in Western Sahara
Location in Western Sahara
Coordinates: 21°36′47″N 14°8′50″W / 21.61306°N 14.14722°W / 21.61306; -14.14722
Country Western Sahara
Claimed by Morocco Kingdom of Morocco,
 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Controlled by Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi Republic
 • Type Municipality[1]
 • Mayor Nayem Enna Mahayub[2]
Elevation 212 m (696 ft)

Zug (also transliterated "Zoug", "Sug"; Arabic: زوك) is located in the far south-east of Western Sahara, 170 km. from Atar, Mauritania. The only erg or sand sea in Western Sahara (known as "Galb Azefal") is located nearby, where it runs from south-west to north-east from Mauritania into Western Sahara and back into Mauritania, where the border forms a right angle.[3] Zug is located in the part of Western Sahara controlled by the Polisario Front and often referred to as the Liberated Territories.[4] It is the head of the 1st military region of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and holds a SPLA military outpost and a small hospital.


On June 2009, three friendship associations from Alicante (Spain) had a meeting with Sahrawi ministers, with the intention of building up a hospital in the town.[5] On September, a solidarity concert with Chambao, Oléfunk & Mario Díaz was held in Altea, with the aim to collect money to finance the project.[6] On November, an agreement between POLISARIO representatives and members of the friendship associations to build up the building was signed.[7] In 2011, the construction works had been finished, only lasting the equipment and the medical supplies to open it.


Near Zug there are some Neolithic engravings with geometrical patterns, similar to others found in Chad and southern Morocco.[8]

Twin towns - Sister cities[edit]


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Coordinates: 21°33′18″N 14°8′52″W / 21.55500°N 14.14778°W / 21.55500; -14.14778