Zuhayr ibn Qayn

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Zuhayr ibn Qayn Al-Bajali
زهیر ابن قین البجلی  (Arabic)
Born Unknown, Iraq
Died 10th day of first Islamic month, 61st Islamic year
(October 10, 680 CE)
Karbala, Iraq
Known for Participation in the Battle of Karbala against Yazid I's armed forces
Opponent(s) Umayyad Caliph Yazid I & his armed forces

Zuhayr ibn Qayn Al-Bajali (Arabic: زهیر بن قین البجلی‎‎, Persian: زهیر بن قین بجلی‎‎ Urdu: زہیر ابن قین بجلی‎), was a member of Al-Bajali tribe in Iraq and a companion of Husayn ibn Ali, Muhammad's grandson and son of Ali ibn Abi Talib. He was martyred during the battle of Karbala in Karbala.

Battle of Karbala[edit]

Zuhayr ibn Qayn is best known for his participation in the Battle of Karbala. Despite the fact that he did not want to even speak to Husayn, he eventually spoke to him when his tribe met his companions and his wife influenced him into speaking with Husayn.[1] After meeting Husayn, Zuhayr divorced his wife and volunteered to join his army against the forces of Yazid I.[2][3]

In the morning of Ashura, he suggested Husayn ibn Ali that: "fighting these people, now, will be easier for us than fighting those who will coma against us after them." Husayn replied: "I will not begin to fight against them."[4] In the battle, right side of Husayn ibn Ali's army was commanded by Zuhayr ibn Qayn.[5]


Zuhayr was killed in the battle of Karbala when two men under Shemr's command speared him from the back and the front side.

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