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Zuidtangent bus at a bus stop
A new Citaro G for the Zuidtangent, intended as a replacement for the original fleet

Zuidtangent (Dutch for "south tangent") is the former name of the bus rapid transit service between Haarlem, Nieuw-Vennep, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Zuidtangent has been established in 2002 and was renamed R-net (Randstad-net) in 2011 when it became part of the eponymous regional service.[1] Across the entire R-net network vehicles will be painted into the original Zuidtangent colour palette of dark grey and red.

The two lines that formed the Zuidtangent network have been adopted by R-net without change and are still operated by Connexxion:[2]

The Zuidtangent buses run on dedicated bus lanes from Haarlem to Schiphol Airport (25 km; line 300) and from Nieuw-Vennep to Hoofddorp (5 km; line 310). They use normal roads and motorways for most of the route between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam-Zuidoost. They have priority at road crossings throughout. The province of North Holland has announced an extension from Hoofddorp (Beukenhorst) to Uithoorn. An extension from Haarlem to IJmuiden is under construction.

Buses such as the 197 operated by Connexion from Schiphol to Amsterdam city centre also use a dedicated bus road parallel to the A4 motorway between Schiphol and Osdorp.


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