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A map of the Zuidvleugel, with The Hague in the north-west and Rotterdam in the south-east.

Zuidvleugel (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈzœytˌfløːɣəl], literally "south wing") is the band of cities and towns located along the southern wing of the Randstad in the Netherlands. It is that part of the Randstad that is located in the Province of South Holland. This developing conurbation extends around 60 kilometres from Dordrecht to Leiden. The two main focal points are the area around Rotterdam (called Rijnmond) and the area around The Hague (called Haaglanden).[1]

With a population of around 3.5 million people, the Zuidvleugel is one of the largest urban areas in Europe.

The centre of the Zuidvleugel lies in the middle of Rotterdam and The Hague, near Delft.

Zuidvleugel includes the following:

Consideration is being given to creating a Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan region. This would be the centre of the Zuidvleugel, which is larger and includes other towns like Dordrecht and Leiden.

The Noordvleugel (North Wing) of the Randstad is centred on the area around Amsterdam (called Amstelland).

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  1. ^ Some of this article has been translated from the Dutch version of this page. Some of it was taken from the Randstad article.

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