Zulema Arenas

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Zulema Arenas
Medal record
Women's athletics
Representing  Peru
Ibero-American Championships
Silver medal – second place 2014 São Paulo 3000 m s'chase
Bronze medal – third place 2016 Rio de Janeiro 3000 m s'chase

Zulema Arenas (born 15 November 1995) is a Peruvian long-distance runner who specialises in the 3000 metres steeplechase. She broke the South American junior record for the event at the 2014 World Junior Championships in Athletics.[1] She improved this further to 9:53.42 minutes at 2014 Ibero-American Championships in Athletics, winning a silver medal in the process. She holds the Peruvian record with her personal best of 9:52.88 minutes.[2]

Personal bests[edit]

All information from All-Athletics[3]

International competitions[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
2011 South American Cross Country Championships Asunción, Paraguay 1st Youth race 10:09.8
1st Youth team 4 pts
South American Junior Championships Medellín, Colombia 2nd 3000 m s'chase 11:05.23
World Youth Championships Lille, France 8th (h) 2000 m s'chase 6:49.33
2012 South American Cross Country Championships Lima, Peru 3rd Youth race 11:05.9
1st Youth team 4 pts
South American U23 Championships São Paulo, Brazil 1st 3000 m s'chase 10:14.52
South American Youth Championships Mendoza, Argentina 1st 2000 m s'chase 6:40.28
World Junior Championships Barcelona, Spain 11th (h) 3000 m s'chase 10:47.38
2013 Bolivarian Games Trujillo, Peru 5th 1500 m 4:24.61
5th 3000 m s'chase 10:05.53
South American Junior Championships Resistencia, Argentina 2nd 1500 m 4:29.05
1st 3000 m 9:51.05
1st 3000 m s'chase 10:33.66 CR
South American Championships Cartagena, Colombia 4th 3000 m s'chase 10:12.72 NR
2014 South American U23 Championships Montevideo, Uruguay 3rd 1500 m 4:25.30
1st 3000 m s'chase 10:06.25 CR
World Junior Championships Eugene, United States 6th 3000 m s'chase 9:59.38
Ibero-American Championships São Paulo, Brazil 2nd 3000 m s'chase 9:53.42 AJR
Pan American Sports Festival Mexico City, Mexico 1st 3000 m s'chase 10:21.05
2016 Ibero-American Championships Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 8th 1500 m 4:19.14
3rd 3000 m s'chase 9:56.04
2017 South American Championships Asunción, Paraguay 3rd 1500 m 4:23.37
2nd 3000 m s'chase 10:09.20


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