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Zulkifli Hasan
Zulkifli Hasan1.jpg
Speaker of People's Consultative Assembly
Assumed office
October 1, 2014
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Joko Widodo
Preceded by Sidarto Danusubroto
Minister of Forest
In office
October 22, 2009 – October 1, 2014
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Preceded by Malam Sambat Kaban
Succeeded by Chairul Tanjung
Personal details
Born (1962-05-17) May 17, 1962 (age 54)
Lampung, Indonesia
Nationality Indonesia
Profession Politician
Religion Muslim
Website http://www.zulhasan.com/

Zulkifli Hasan (born May 17, 1962 in Lampung) is an Indonesian politician who is currently serving as Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), replacing Sidarto Danusubroto since October 8, 2014. [1] [2]. Previously, he was Indonesian Minister of Forestry, succeeding Sambat Kaban, from October 22, 2009 to October 1, 2014 [3]. On his tenure as Minister of Forestry, he has twice received the title of Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa), which is the first for the field of Public Administration of Sejong University (Seoul, Korea) and the second to the field of Human Resource Management (HRM) from State University of Semarang (Semarang, Indonesia) [4]. During 2004-2009, he was active in the legislature as a member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR) [5] and during the years 2005-2010, he held positions as General Secretary of the National Mandate Party (PAN) [6].

Zulkifli Hasan completed his upper secondary education at SMAN 53 Jakarta in 1982 [7]. Subsequently, he took a degree program at the Faculty of Economics, University Krisnadwipayana and got a degree in economics in 1996 [7]. He then took a post-graduate program at the School of Management PPM and earned a Master of Management in 2003 [7]. At the beginning of his tenure as Chairman of the Constitutional Committee, he assumed the task of organizing the inauguration of president-vice president for the 2014-2019 reign in the midst of the tense political situation [8]. In preparation ahead of the inauguration, he is committed to hold the inauguration well and will seek the presence of all parties, including Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa as candidates for president and vice president who became a competitor winning pair, Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla [9] [10 ]. He managed to do their job well and the inauguration was taking place peacefully [11]. Childhood


Zulkifli Hasan, born to Hasan and Siti Zaenab [12]. His family made their living farming. As a child, he lived in economic hardship [12] in the area of South Lampung [13], he has been educated to work hard to sell eggs [12]. When he had finished primary school, just 13 years old, he and his father from the village of Pisang, Mediation migrate to tanjungkarang. There, he enrolled in the Teacher Education of Religious Affairs (PGAN) by his father, even though it is contrary to the desire [12] [14]. Childhood man who is familiarly called Bang Zul Zul or this much was spent in his hometown, that's why the emotional closeness with the people there are still closely [15]. To this day, in case of disaster there, he immediately present to help [15].

A Self Made Man[edit]

During his education in PGAN, Zul settled in a lodger [15]. When entering the end of the school year for public schools, precisely in his fourth year at PGAN, Zul choose to stop. Without parental consent, Zulkifli attend Madrasah Tsanawiah exams and graduation. He then discontinued his studies at PGAN and then enroll in SMAN Tandjungkarang and accepted [15]. Until the fourth month, his father doesn't knew his actions and force him out of school. Finally, armed with a license and a little money from his mother, Zul decided to go migrated to Jakarta.

Zul continues to live in the capital without having prior acquaintances or relatives. He then continued his schooling at SMAN 53 Jakarta. In Jakarta, he managed to meet the needs of everyday life by changing jobs, ranging from cab washer to selling drinks [12]. He graduated from high school with the best achievement on his batch [12]. After graduation, he began to pursue a profession as traders [15]. His experience as a trader is the one who honed his ability in business [15]. He also lectures while doing business to reap business success [16].

Zul's younger brother, who has served as mayor of Bengkulu in 2013 [17], Helmi Hasan, Zul considered not only as a brother but also as parents who must be obeyed and respected [17]. Besides Helmi, Zul also has a younger brother named Zainudin Hasan [18]. Together with her sisters, he founded the Trump Cendikia Insan Foundation Lampung Indonesia are in progress to build a free school for children from poor families in Lampung, named SMA Nationality [18].

Zul once visited Humanities Education Institute (LPI), the educational institutions operating costs are taken from the donor contribution of tax payers, infaq, and shodaqoh in Wallet Dhuafa [13]. He motivated the students there to instruct: "If I were only armed childhood eating eggs can be a minister, you are eating chicken means to be able to be president" [13].


He started his education in 1969 at the primary school in the village of Pisang, District Mediation, South Lampung. He completed elementary school level in 1975 [1] [2]. After that, Zulkifli Hasan brought his father to the city of Cape Coral, the capital of Bandar Lampung, to continue their education to Junior High School level in PGAN (Teacher Education of Religious Affairs) Tanjung Karang [3] [4] [5] [6]. After 4 years he received his religious education with the junior high level, Zulkifli Hasan quietly left his hometown in Lampung and went to Jakarta to study in SMA Negeri 53 Jakarta [7]. After he graduated from high school in 1982, he then continued his studies at the Faculty of Economics, University Krisnadwipayana (Unkris), Jakarta and finance his studies independently [7]. After graduating S1 in 1996, he then worked at several institutions [8]. Several years later, he continued his studies in the Master of Management College of Management PPM, Jakarta and graduated in 2003. [1] [8] [9].


Migrating to Jakarta[edit]

Zulkifli Hasan, who was born and raised in a farming family - motivates him to achieve success. He at first secretly left his residence in Lampung to migrate to Jakarta alone after he graduated from high school. In a media gathering on Thursday, January 22, 2015, he expressed to Kompas.com: "I was first directed parents to be as Buya Hamka. But I refused. I want to migrate to Jakarta "[1]. He connects with a life changing jobs, of washerwoman cab to sell drinks. After graduating high school, he decided to try his luck with selling pot door to door [1] [2]. Stop being civil servants and self-employed

Before reaching success in the world of politics, Zulkifli Hasan is a civil servant (Civil Servants) who switched professions to become an entrepreneur. Zulkifli Hasan, who was already in a fairly stable financial condition, after working as a civil servant, chose to stop and determined to start their own business [3]. In an interview after the training of young entrepreneurs, Zulkifli Hasan said on Detik.com: "I remember my father's words really do not continue to be a follower (follower) but it must dare to be a leader despite starting from something small. Since then I decided to stop being a civil servant. Although dicibir friends that I've been 'skewed' (stress) out of civil servants, but because I am determined to be the lead at the same time earn a substantial income, I ignore "[4] [5].

Businesses that he pioneered also reap the results one by one, as evidenced by a row the company he had led, namely [6] [7]:

   President Director of PT Inner Eka Perkasa, Jakarta (1988-2004)
   President Director of PT Panamas Mitra Inti Lestari, Jakarta (1997-2004) [8]
   President Director of PT Sarana Bina Humanities, Jakarta (2000-2004)
   Commissioner Utama PT Hudaya Safari, Jakarta (2000-2006)
   Commissioner of PT Inner Eka Perkasa, Jakarta (2004-2005)

Programs of entrepreneurship[edit]

Having started his career in politics, including serving into DPP PAN and Forestry Minister, he did not completely abandon the entrepreneurial world. He became a motivator in a wide range of opportunities for the youth and the wider community, particularly in Sumatra, to open entrepreneurship and create new jobs [9]. According to him, the potential for economic development in the country boy Indonesia became the forerunner to the advancement of Indonesia's economic growth in the future [5] [10]. Not surprisingly, he gave special attention to give a lot of help that he included in many programs working together with local communities, such as the program of the PAN, known as MAPAN (forward together PAN). Inside the program, he contributes by providing venture capital and training for young entrepreneurs in North Sumatra [4] [9].

Chairman of the Institute of Agricultural Labourers and Fishermen PWM Capital (2000-2005)[edit]

Zulkifli Hasan chalked success not only in the world of entrepreneurship, but also political. He noted began his career in politics as chairman of the Labor Organization of Farmers and Fishermen PWM Capital in 2000 to 2005 [1]. Before eventually occupy that position, he had been the chairman of the Regional Labour Institute for Farmers and Fishermen Lampung Province, Vice Chairman of the Society Society Sai Lampung, Lampung and announcer Youth Association in Jakarta [2]. Chairman of the Logistics Department of the DPP PAN (2000-2005)

Political career[edit]

Developments in the world political career went well. In the process, he occupied a number of positions in the party's structural shelter. He is believed to have served as chairman of the DPP PAN Logistics Department in the period 2000-2005. The position was that eventually led Zulkifli Hasan became Vice Chairman of the National Mandate Party faction in the House of Representatives of Indonesia [3]. Member of Parliament and PAN (2004-2009)

Zulkifli Hasan mandated the Chairman of the PAN faction House of Representatives 2004-2009 period [4]. At the time, he was in the House of Representatives Commission VI overseeing transportation and infrastructure [5]. His contribution can be seen in 2008 where he was elected as Chairman of the Special Committee Questionnaire related to the government's policy to raise fuel prices. Selection is done by voting in Space KK I, the Parliament Building on Wednesday afternoon, July 9, 2008. Zulkifli Hasan won 28 votes from the 48 members of the special committee were present. Four other candidates are Bambang Wuryanto (PDI-P, 18 votes), Efiardi Asda (PPP, 0 voices), Sutan Bhatoegana (Democrat, 0 voices), and Ir. H. Azhar Romli (0 votes) [6]. PAN Secretary General of the Central Executive Board (2005-2010) Zulkifli Hasan election as Secretary General of the PAN

Hasan Zukifli political career in the growing internal PAN positive. Zulkifli Hasan is one of the management team DPP PAN 2005-2010. At that time, the team formation that make up the management of PAN 2005-2010 DPP chaired by the Chairman elected Sutrisno Bachir [7]. In announcing its staff, it was agreed that the DPP PAN stewardship into numbering 45 people than ever are only 40 people [7]. Zulkifli Hasan then set as the Secretary-General on the formation marathon meeting on April 11, 2005. [8]. Zulkifli Hasan get Kadarman Award

His efforts in the political world to improve leadership in political parties reaping the rewards. On July 26, 2007, College of Management Management Training Center (ST-PPM) confers "Kadarman Award" to Zulkifli Hasan [9]. The awards were presented by the Chairman of ST PPM, Ir. Sulistio Ruslia, in Dhanapala Building Complex Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta [9]. Zulkifli said in an interview with CNN at the Parliament Building, "This is something incredible. Moreover, this is given to the political parties. We know the political parties, members of Parliament were negative public scrutiny" [9]. Chairman of PAN Congress PAN

Deputy Secretary General (Wasekjen) PAN Yandri Susanto asserted, will hold Congress PAN set to begin on February 28 to March 2, 2015. [10]. This congress was held to contest seats chairman who is currently still held Hatta Rajasa [11]. PAN DPP chairman Tjatur Sapto Edy, recognizes three cadres who came ahead of Congress [11]. They are Chairman of PAN 2010-2015 Hatta Rajasa, the People's Consultative KetuaMajelis Zulkifli Hasan, and Vice Chairman of PAN 2010-2015 Dradjad Wibowo [12].

Zulkifli Hasan formally declared himself a candidate for chairman of PAN on Monday, January 19, 2015 in Surabaya [13]. According to the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Young Front PAN, Hanafi Rais, in an interview with CNN Indonesia, there are several ideas presented as a candidate for chairman Zulkifli when the declaration [13]. Among them is the first idea, wants to focus more on political work to defend the interests of the people they represent; Secondly, the party cadre who are no longer held for the benefit nyaleg, where Zulkifli Hasan hoped there must be continuity pencalegan for all cadres PAN; Third, changes in the determination of the leadership system of local officials and candidates for regional heads, that if the previous Board PAN centers play a full role in determining the leadership of regional councils and regional head candidate, he intends to give full authority to local officials to decide; as well as the idea of the latter, namely the improvement of regional heads of service performance which he hoped could be more easily found and to communicate, either directly or indirectly, by the cadres of the region.

On March 1, 2015, Zulkifli Hasan, was elected as Chairman of the PAN period 2015-2020, replacing Hatta Rajasa [14]. He was elected to Congress PAN held in Bali, through voting and gained 292 votes, while his opponent, Hatta Rajasa only got 286 voices [15] [16]. Public opinion related Zulkifli Hasan became Chairman of the PAN candidate

Many opinions exist concerning Zulkifli Hasan post declaration to move forward into the Candidate Chairman of the PAN, including the opinion of Taslim Chaniago, young politicians PAN. He considered MPR chairman Zulkifli Hasan assessed worthy of being Chairman of the PAN [17]. Taslim in an interview with Covesia said, "Tradition in PAN chairman was just one period only, well, now Zulkifli Hasan is very worthy to lead the PAN." Taslim added, the level of Zulkifli Hasan in PAN also is very complete, starting from the Chair of the Department, Secretary General, Waketum, PAN faction chairman of the House of Representatives, to become a minister [17].

Furthermore, the Deputy Secretary General of the DPP PAN Yahdil Abd Harahap, said in an interview, chances Zulkifli Hasan became chairman of the PAN is very large when compared with Hatta Rajasa and Drajad Wibowo. Yahdil stated, "If ketum yes Bang Zul (Zulkifli Hasan). Support to Bang Zul strong. Most DPW and DPD wants Bang Zul, nearly 80 percent" [18].

Hanafi Rais, PAN politician, also championed Zulkilfi Hasan [19]. He revealed one of the factors behind keberpihakannya, the PAN has a tradition chairman of one period only. PAN, according to him, requires a leader who represents the party bringing the idea of regeneration and renewal. "So far, there are two things to Mr. Zulkifli Hasan," Hanafi said in an interview on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 [19].

Full support also comes from the 22 Council of South Sulawesi district PAN form DPD forum [20]. Andi governor Natsir Forum DPD PAN Coordinator se-Sulsel stated Zulkifli Hasan deserves the opportunity to lead the PAN [21]. He said in an interview with Tribunnews, "No question about it, became leader of the MPR is clear evidence of that." Regional Leadership Council (DPD) PAN throughout West Sumatra expressed commitment to support Zulkifli Hasan became party chairman 2015-2020 period [ 22].

Deputy Secretary General of the DPP PAN are also members of a successful team Zulkifli Hasan, Teguh Juwarno, said in an interview with Sindo on January 21, 2015 that it will soon propose to the steering committee (SC) congress to establish the Ethics Committee and explained, "One of the tasks of the Ethics Committee The congress to oversee the process in order not tainted money politics "[23].

Former Chairman of the PAN, Sutrisno Bachir, in the Consolidated Winning Zulkifli Hasan in Yogyakarta, said that Bang Zul an ideological person. He said, "Zulkifli Hasan are not under the armpit of another party." [24]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Malam Sambat Kaban
Forestry minister of Indonesia
Succeeded by
Chairul Tanjung
Preceded by
Sidarto Danusubroto
Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly