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A reminder outside the main entrance of uMgungundlovu, a short distance from his grave

Zulu kaMalandela (1627-1709), son of Malandela, was the founder and chief of the Zulu clan which came from the Nguni people. The Zulus and the Qwabes come from the Ngunis, when the King of the Ngunis Malandela died he divided the Kingdom into two clans, The Qwabes and the Zulus. In the Zulu language, Zulu means Rain.

When his father Malandela died, his eldest son Qwabe fought his younger brother Zulu, causing his younger brother Zulu, along with his people (Zulus) to be exiled from the land of Ngunis and Mambos because they killed more people in that fight and they became wanderers (izinzula).

He led his followers north of the land of the Ngunis and settled in a country called Mozambique in our days, that is where he first encountered the Portuguese people who were led by Kapitano. He traded with the Portuguese.

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Royal titles
Preceded by
Malandela kaLuzumana
Zulu King Succeeded by
Mageba kaZulu