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Subdistrict of Zumalai
Location of Zumalai city in the east of Cova-Lima district.

Zumalai is a city[1] and subdistrict (former Mape-Zumalai) in East Timor. The subdistrict has been part of Cova Lima District since 2003. Before that, it was part of Ainaro District. The Zumalai subdistrict has six main villages: Fatuleto, Raimea, Zulo, Mape, Lour, and Taisilin.[2]


There are three main local languages in Zumalai subdistrict, Bunak, Kemak, and Tetun-Terik.


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Coordinates: 9°09′27″S 125°27′02″E / 9.15750°S 125.45056°E / -9.15750; 125.45056