Zunairah al-Rumiya

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Zaneerah al-Rumiya
Nationality Middle East, originally from Europe
Occupation Sahabah

Zaneerah al-Rumiya (Arabic: زنيرة الرومية‎, Zaneerah the Roman) (other transliterations include Zaneera, Zannirah, Zanira or in some sources Zinnirah) was a Sahabia and among the slaves freed by Abu Bakr.

Before that, Zaneerah was a concubine of the Banu Makhzum[1] and slave-girl of Umar bin al-Khattab.

She was from amongst the first to embrace Islam and after her conversion, she was asked to renounce her new religion but remained steadfast.[2]

When Abu Jahl knew of her conversion, he beat her to the extent that she lost her eyesight.[1] He told her that Al-lāt and Al-‘Uzzá (two idols in pre-Islamic Mecca that the Quraysh tribe worshipped) had made her blind because of her disbelief in them. She replied:

"And what makes Al-lat and Al-'Uzza know who is worshiping them? This is from the heavens and my god can return my eyesight”

The next day her sight was miraculously restored.[2]

Abu Bakr bought and freed her along with her companion in slavery Lubaynah.[2]


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