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Zuntata is Taito Corporation's "house band". The members include Hisayoshi Ogura (the band's founder),[1] Tamayo Kawamoto, Masahiko Takaki, Norihiro Furukawa, Yasuhisa Watanabe, Shuichiro Nakazawa, Kazuko Umino, Tomohito Takahashi, Munehiro Nakanishi, and Katsuhisa Ishikawa.

They are known in part for composer for the soundtrack of games such as Bubble Bobble, the Darius series and the Ray series (RayForce, Raystorm and Raycrisis), among others. Stylistically, their sound is at times reminiscent of progressive/fusion artists like Return to Forever or early synthpop artists such as Yellow Magic Orchestra.[citation needed]

In 2006, one of the members, Tamayo Kawamoto, left Zuntata and founded the band Betta Flash together with the singer Cyua. Kamamoto and Cyua formerly worked together for a track on the Ray'z Premium Box called "Ray'z - Beyond -".


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