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Zunyi Medical College
Logo of Zunyi Medical College.jpg
Former names
Dalian Medical College
Motto in English
Be Virtue-conscious, Be Diligent, Be Truth-seeking and Be Practical.
Type Public
Established 1947
President Jingshan Shi, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice-president Tian Yu, M.D., M.S.
Location Zunyi, Guizhou,  People's Republic of China


Nickname 遵医

Zunyi Medical College (Zunyi Campus)

Zunyi Medical College (Zhuhai Campus)

Zunyi Medical College (Chinese: 遵义医学院; pinyin: Zūnyì yīxuéyuàn) is a medical university in Zunyi, Guizhou province of the People's Republic of China.[1]


The college was founded in 1947 as the Dalian Medical College. The college was relocated from Dalian to Zunyi and renamed Zunyi Medical College in 1969. After 60 years of history, the college has already grown into a comprehensive centre for medical education.[1][2] [3]

Zunyi Medical College (ZMC), a key medical college at the provincial level in Guizhou Province, is located in Zunyi, a historically, culturally and scenically celebrated city. ZMC’s predecessor, Dalian Medical College, was the first medical college established by the Communist Party of China in 1947. It was, on the orders of the State Council, moved to Zunyi in 1969 to support the development of the Southwestern China and renamed as Zunyi Medical College. The 62 years since its foundation has witnessed ZMC developing into a highly accredited multi-disciplinary and multi-specialty medical education institution.[4]

College Badge[edit]

A school’s badge evokes memory of bygone years, artistically symbolizes the school’s concept and culture, inherits and carries forward the school’s history and tradition. After more than 60 eventful years of tiding over hardships and difficulties, going through vicissitudes and pressing ahead steadily, the college has formed its own rich culture, cultivated a quality of genuineness, fortitude and sedulousness. Always remaining vigorous and active over past 6 decades, the college has scored notable achievements in various undertakings. ZMC’s badge is designed in the form of a dove spreading its wings to fly, successfully embodying the leitmotif of peace, harmony and development, setting off the college’s vitality as a burgeoning comprehensive college with medicine being the main discipline. The image and symbolism of a dove are universally acceptable; hence, the design intensifies the audience’s recognition of the badge, and aggrandizes the channel for popularizing it. By combining the form of the initial letters Z and Y of Zunyi and of the Chinese character 义, the badge is designed into a dove spreading its wings to fly, signifying the truth of medicine, philanthropism, brightness, health and happiness. The dove’s wings spread outward in the form of an opened book, implying the essence of the college. The dove tail is somewhat magnified, in the shape of an arrowhead piercing into the sky, indicating momentum and speed, emblematic of ZMC’s speedy growth and the bright future for its ambition to rank among the universities of first class. The dot in the character 义 and the letter Y make a gamboling person, giving prominence to the school’s teaching methodology of “put people first”, to the school’s faculty and students’ lofty ideals to explore the unknown world and scale summit after summit of knowledge, and to the school’s spirit of keeping abreast of time, forging ahead and pursuing perfection. The badge makes a flying arrow from the dove’s head to its tail, shaped like letter C standing for college or letter U standing for university, showing that the school is advancing toward a higher level and achieving its higher goals.[5]


Fundamental Medicine Teaching Department
Since 2002 it has been established, the Fundamental Medicine Teaching Department of Zhuhai Campus holds the “Spirit of ZMC” as the guidance, pursues the studies precisely, explores and develops the study, imparts knowledge and educates students. The Fundamental Medicine Teaching Department includes more than 80 full-time and part-time teachers. Among them 22 are senior-titled. 90% of the teachers are doctorate, master's degree holders. The staff is full of youthful spirit, diligence and potential.
The Fundamental Medicine Teaching Department includes Mathematics and Computer Science Section, College English and Majoring English Sections, Social Science Section, Physical Science Section, Section of Anthropotomy, Histology and Embryology, Physiology Section, Immunology and Pathogeny Section, Pathology Section, Preventive Medicine Section. The department also has some laboratories, such as anthropotomy, histology and embryology laboratory, enginery laboratory, pathogeny and parasitology laboratory, microbiology and immunology laboratory, computer and language laboratory.
The Fundamental Medicine Teaching Department is charged with the teaching of 30 courses from clinic medicine, stomatology, nursing, bio-engineering, medicament. Meanwhile, this department fulfills the different level of scientific researches, including the state natural science, Guizhou Province, Zhuhai City . During these years, the staff of this department has published almost 200 science thesis in different science periodical. [6]

Campus, Art and Culture[edit]

Zhuhai Campus, with an area of 700,000 square meters, has been established and has been in operation from 2002 . With the pleasant climate, green mountains, overlooking the sea; the campus is covered up to 80 percent by natural or artificial vegetation. Zhuhai Campus mainly undertakes the education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is composed of fundamental medicine teaching department, clinical teaching department (the Fifth Affiliated Hospital ), nursery department, biological engineering department, stomatology department and 35 teaching and research sections . And it also has a high standard, open style bio-engineering and the drugs manufacture key laboratory, which enables the teachers and the higher grades postgraduate students to undertake the modern medicine research of cryobiology, molecular biology, genetic engineering and molecular immunology.
The building on the campus covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Most of the classrooms are equipped with multi-media which have a seating capacity of more than 7000 students. Library, covering an area of 4500 square meters, installs electronic reading rooms, the periodical rooms, and the digitized library which has many domestic and foreign electronic periodical database for the teachers and students. The campus has the following sports facilities such as soccer field, the swimming pool, the entire reverted ground track field, the basketball court, the feather field, the tennis court and a sand beach row of field as well as the indoor sport hall. On the campus, there are student dorms, cafeteria, supermarket, bookstore, postal service, and IP telephone booths.
Zhuhai Campus of ZMC inherits the “Zunyi Medical College Spirit” i.e. "hard-working, rigorously studying, the unity to strives for success, seeking truth in practice, exploring and enterprising”. It also puts the school idea---open style education, enclosed management-into practice. The holistic orientation of the campus is to display window function, enhance the extensive cooperation with developed areas and foreign countries; thus make the campus the cradle of first class medicine talents. [7]

Notable faculty, administrators, and alumni[edit]

Tai-Yi Jin M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Occupational Health, School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.[8]
Rong-Dian Chen M.D.[9]


Yang Xiaoshu Professor, Secretary General of CPC ZMC Committee.
Shi Jingshan M.D. Ph.D. Professor, Doctoral supervisor. President and Deputy Secretary General of CPC ZMC Committee.
Tian Zongyuan Associate Professor, Supervisor for Master Candidates. Deputy Secretary General of CPC ZMC Committee (since 2005).
Lu Bin Associate Professor, is Deputy Secretary General of CPC ZMC Committee.
Tang Mingbo Graduated in the Physical Education Department from Beijing Sport University.
Bi Lujia M.S., Communist Party Member, Senior Political and Ideological Educator, CPC Secretary General of ZMC’s Affiliated Hospital.
Yu Tian M.D., M.S., Professor, Vice President of ZMC, member of ZMC CPC Committee.
Deng Fei M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Pathology, Supervisor of Master Candidate, Vice President of ZMC, Vice Chairman of the Guizhou Pathology Branch of Chinese Medical Association.
Huang Hualing M.S. Deputy Secretary General of CPC ZMC Committee, Senior Political and Ideological Educator.
Li Chunming M.D., M.S., Professor, Vice President of ZMC, Master candidate supervisor.
Liang Guiyou M.D., Ph.D. Vice Chairman of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Branch of Guizhou Medical Association, Vice President of Zunyi Medical Association.[10]


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