Zurich 4 and 6

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Zürich 4 and 6
Zürich 4 und Zürich 6.jpg
Country of production Switzerland
Location of production Zürich
Date of production 1 March 1843
Nature of rarity Extremely rare
No. in existence Unknown
Face value 4 and 6 rappen
Estimated value CHF 48,000 and above

The Zürich 4 and 6 were the first postage stamps issued in continental Europe, on 1 March 1843. Both were inscribed "Zürich" at the top.

The 4-rappen stamp was also inscribed "Local-Taxe" at the bottom, since it was intended to pay for letters mailed within the city, while the 6-rappen, inscribed "Cantonal-Taxe", was for use on letters going anywhere in the canton.

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