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Zurich Film Festival
LocationZürich, Switzerland

Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) is an annual film festival that has been held in Zürich, Switzerland, since 2005.

The festival's main focus is to promote emerging filmmakers from all over the world. In three competition categories only first, second or third directoral works are admitted. There are three competition sections: International Feature Film, International Documentary Film and 'Focus: Switzerland, Germany and Austria' which focuses on these three production countries.

Several industry events take place in the framework of the festival, such as the ZFF Master Class or the international Zurich Summit, which have rendered the film festival an international platform for the film industry.

The ZFF is co-organized by the Zurich Film Festival AG and the Spoundation Motion Picture AG in cooperation with local institutions, sponsors as well as national and international distributors and producers.

Nadja Schildknecht, Karl Spoerri and Antoine Monot Jr. founded the festival back in 2005. The festival is now co-directed by Nadja Schildknecht (managing director) and Karl Spoerri (artistic director).[1][2]


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