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Notable characters Timber Wolf
Mar Londo
First appearance Adventure Comics #327 (Dec, 1963)
Publisher DC Comics

Zuun sometimes spelt Zoon is a fictional planet in the DC Comics universe. It is the homeworld of the Legionnaire Brin Londo a.k.a. Timber Wolf.


Brin Londo was raised on Zuun by his scientist father Dr. Mar Londo. Zuun was a human mining colony settled sometime after the 21st century.

The planet has been ravaged by centuries of extremely thorough exploitation. A highly ductile and malleable metal known as Zuunium can be found here. Mining this rare metal has devastated the planet, poisoning its seas and fatally polluting its atmosphere.[1]

The residents of Zuun live in small communities within the caverns which criss cross beneath the surface. Zuun orbits within a highly unstable triple star system.

The Planet was mostly abandoned leaving only the poor miners who were left to mutate into monstrous forms.[2]

In other media[edit]


  • In the Legion of Super Heroes episode "Brain Drain", the Legion of Superheroes members Superman and Timber Wolf journeyed to Zuun to cure an ailing Brainiac 5 with Zunium. Zuun orbits a red sun so when Superman had his powers, forcing him to wear a containment suit.


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